Words from Our Pastor

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

It's Not About You!

This morning I awoke early and could not fall back asleep.  So I got up, poured myself a cup of coffee, and went into the kitchen for some quiet, devotional time.  (With 5 kids, it goes without saying that “quiet” isn’t something I get a lot, so I cherish it.)

For personal devotion, I often use the “The Message Devotional Bible”, which is a terrific resource developed by the late Biblical scholar, theologian, and pastor Eugene Peterson.  This Bible uses his translation, which is the Bible in contemporary language, as well as his personal insights and devotional prompts based on years of scholarship and ministry. And this is what I opened this morning.

While reading, I stumbled on a quote that grabbed me.  In explaining the importance of seeing God at work in the Biblical narrative Peterson wrote, “For it is, after all, His story; none of us is the leading character in the story of our life.”

Boom!  That hit me like a ton of bricks.

This understanding might be self-evident for many, but for most it is aspirational.  At least for me, it was a reminder of who I am serving with this life.

Far too often, we place an enormous amount of pressure on ourselves to construct picture-perfect lives, full of accomplishment and meaning.  We beat ourselves up for looking or not looking a certain way, for having the “right” job, the “right” house, and the “right” social circle.  We might even make a point to attend the “right” church, even impressing everyone with our participation and piety.

When this is our emphasis, we miss the vital point that it is not about us at all!

Our lives are not about satisfying our own desires, making ourselves look good. 
To God be the glory. 
To God be the gratitude. 

Our lives are in service to God, not some external version of ourselves. 

Enjoying accolades is not bad in and of itself, but we must always remind ourselves that our true purpose is to glorify God. 

So when you feel yourself putting a little too much pressure on yourself, or if you awkwardly experience being a little too proud of yourself, gently remind yourself who is the star of this production.  We are a supporting cast.

God is the star.
But it’s the greatest production of all time.

See you in church,
Pastor Brook