Words from Our Pastor

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

You Belong

Recently in worship I greeted two people I’d never met but who had a connection to Cross & Crown. One introduced herself as having been married in this church before we even moved into the building, way back in the late 1980’s. The other one, when I asked him to introduce himself to me this past Sunday, gave me his name and then said emphatically, “This is my church.” Turns out it had been a long time since he’d worshiped at Cross & Crown.  

Both these strangers were right: this IS their church! We need to honor their connection, no matter how long ago it was forged. Why? Because the church isn’t mine or yours or anyone else’s. It is a home for anyone and everyone who wants to connect or reconnect with the body of Christ. In fact, the church is more FOR these two long-ago members than it is FOR those of us who show up every Sunday. That’s because through the church God welcomes people (and sometimes welcomes people back) into a fellowship built around a commitment that never wears out—it’s the commitment of God to love without ceasing, no matter the response.

So if you’ve fallen away from church, whether it’s been 3 months or 3 years or even longer, know that God still loves you and offers you the invitation to come back. It’s sometimes not easy to come back, but most who did it and talk about it will tell you that when you walk in the door again, after a time away, your life feels more grounded, more connected, more whole.

Will you hear angels singing? Probably not. Will there be fireworks? I doubt it. But you WILL see faces light up and hands extend to greet you. You’ll hear music that is full of thanksgiving and not so hard to sing. And best of all, you’ll feel God’s presence in this place.

Whether you’ve ever been through our doors before or not, you are welcome here! We mean it!
Pastor Jennifer Ginn